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PECOS eInvoicing

PECOS eInvoicing The easiest way to send and receive eInvoices with high supplier adoption guaranteed. Organizations processing more than 5,000 AP invoices a year you can make real savings by implementing an automated electronic invoice processing solution, while at the same time improving payment visibility and control. PECOS eInvoicing provides suppliers with options to either:

  • Send an electronic invoice in the globally accepted cXML format
  • Send an email with a PDF attached as an eInvoice

PECOS then automatically processes these electronic invoices, matching them to purchase orders and receipts notices, and advising users on readiness for payment. The solution is easy to adopt for suppliers as it does not require implementation of technical changes or different processes for specific customers. It can be as simple as generating and sending a PDF invoice via email, which is standard functionality for almost all billing systems.

From The Largest To The Smallest Suppliers

The PECOS eInvoicing solution meets the needs of all suppliers – from the largest right down to the smallest. Large companies, or those that do large volumes with a particular buyer, are often able to benefit most from direct integration between systems via cXML for eInvoicing. They are willing and able to send these invoices through EDI-like submission, and can develop a business case to support this.

For smaller companies, or those trading less frequently with a buyer, it is typically harder to develop a business case for direct integration between systems. However with PECOS eInvoicing this “massive middle” of trading parties can still participate in eInvoicing at low cost with immediate benefit through emailing PDF invoices and processing them in the Web Cloud through Elcom. 

Benefits of eInvoicing with PECOS

Benefits for Suppliers

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased visibility, transparency and controls
  • Increased processing efficiency
  • Increase in on-time payments from buyers
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Integration to invoice processing application
  • Reduced invoice disputes

Benefits for Buyers

  • Reduced costs through increased opportunity for gokkast buyer discounts and processes which save time and money for suppliers
  • Real time data delivery
  • Increased payment to terms, as faster processing times increase ability to pay on-time
  • Increased opportunity for supplier discounts
  • Increased visibility and control
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Enhanced trading relationship

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