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In today’s world, organizations seek to lower purchasing costs by automating their procurement process. However, most purchasing software forces users to adapt to their software instead of the other way round. ELCOM’s multi-tenancy solution allows customers to incorporate multiple purchasing processes, in any number of locations. This allows you, the customer, to make eProcurement work for you!

Elcom’s PECOS solution is the worlds most advanced, multi-tenancy eProcurement solution available for:

  • Governments
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Private Enterprises
  • Buying Groups

PECOS currently enables over 120,000 buyers within 200+ organizations to manage more than $15 billion in total procurement spend each year.

These buyers transact with over 120,000 suppliers connected into their network.

Both buyers and sellers benefit from their use of PECOS through lower transaction costs, fewer disputes, faster payment cycles, improved procurement controls and better visibility of spend.

What is PECOS?

PECOS is a cloud based e-procurement solution that was developed with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) over a decade ago and has since been retooled, redesigned and further developed to become one of the world’s leading e-procurement solutions.

Cloud based delivery allows for rapid deployment, and supports user access to the solution from any connected device – including desktop and laptop PC’s, tablets and smartphones. It also provides the flexibility to increase users or capacity as your business needs change.

PECOS’s unique multi-tenancy architecture provides organizations with the centralized controls and compliance they need, yet the flexibility to effectively distribute the solution out to a wide range of end-users with differing business processes and requirements.

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Advanced Cloud Based eProcurement

Cloud Based

Allows for rapid deployment, and the ability to easily add new users or functions as business conditions grow or change

Reduces the cost and IT complexity typically associated with eCommerce deployments

Makes it simple to publish and manage supplier content and connect to buyers

Ease of Use

PECOS is easy to use, allowing entry of requisitions and management approvals from anywhere and at any time through a PC or mobile device over the web

A wealth of information is captured and reported to support purchasing professionals for more effective management of strategic suppliers

Compliance with Flexibility

Centralised controls and analysis of spend, with flexibility to allow division and agencies to autonomously operate their own business

Management of budgets, approvals and regulatory compliance

Supports seamless interfaces into finance and ERP systems o ensure accurate financial recording of spend and commitments

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To learn more about the PECOS, eProcurement Solution, please download our PPT or review our case studies and find out how PECOS has helped hundreds of agencies, schools and organizations to save Billions of dollars annually.