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Supplier Services

Elcom enables suppliers to connect electronically with buyers, and share information on the goods and services they offer. This information exchange covers a variety of touch points with buyers from initial on-line requests for information or price quote, through formal proposals and supply contracts, eAuctions, order management and invoicing as follows: 

Supplier Onboarding

Elcom offers training and on-line support for suppliers to connect with, and trade, with buyers. Training is supported by comprehensive user and technical guides which take suppliers through the process of joining the on-line trading community, and sharing supplier and catalog information at the request of their buyers.

Support for Response to Information Requests and eAuctions

Elcom can provide on-line and phone-based support for suppliers in discovering opportunities with buyers, responding to buyers requests for information and proposals, and participating in eAuctions. This support is aimed at ensuring meaningful information exchange between buying and selling parties to ensure the success of tender and auction events.

Content Management and Validation

Creating and updating supplier information and catalog content on goods and services available is as simple as the supplier updating a spreadsheet. Elcom can then load this content into PECOS, and in the case of catalogues can use an inbuilt validation tool within the PECOS application to check that the right information has been supplied and no unauthorized price or item changes have been made by the supplier. Supplier are advised of either successful load and update, or of a reject of all or part of a load if elements of their update have failed validation or contain unapproved information.

Punch-out to Supplier Website

In some cases it may be preferable for users to shop on-line directly on the supplier’s website. To ensure that buying organizations have the freedom to do this - yet maintain all of their financial, budgetary and approval controls - Elcom can enable a “punch-out” from PECOS to the supplier website. Elcom works with suppliers to enable this punch-out integration via industry standard communications protocols, bringing the completed shopping basket from the supplier website back into PECOS to ensure it is tracked and managed.

Electronic Order Submission

PECOS can provide orders to suppliers in multiple electronic formats – allowing them to take these orders directly into their finance or customer order systems. Elcom can leverage existing integration with over 60 existing financial systems, and can also provide services to customize order files formats for loading into legacy financial applications. Orders can also be emailed or faxed to those supliers that are not prepared for electronic order receipt. 

Electronic Invoicing

PECOS contains several means of exchanging invoice information between suppliers and buyers. For the smallest of suppliers there is receipt of paper invoices or simple on-line entry of invoice information into PECOS. For the largest of suppliers there is direct integration between systems for CXML-based electronic exchange of invoice information. For the rest of the suppliers, Elcom offers the ability to send invoices electronically via email or FTP as a PDF. Clever technology within PECOS reads the PDF information and extracts the information within it to create an electronic file which is automatically imported into PECOS.

Supplier Reporting


It is possible to share spend and other pertinent information with suppliers using the reporting and analysis tools provided with PECOS. These can be automated and emailed periodically to suppliers, or placed on a web portal for direct access by suppliers.