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Elcom becomes CASBO Premier Partner

Elcom International Inc. has become the newest CASBO Premier Partner

The firm is a global supplier of online procurement solutions and currently enables over 200 organizations to transact electronically with over 120,000 suppliers in its network.

Both buyers and sellers benefit from the use of Elcom International’s “e-procurement” process through lower transaction costs, fewer disputes, faster payment cycles, improved procurement controls and better visibility of spending.

Over the last decade we are proud of the fact that we have helped our clients save over $1 billion in procurement costs, and, at the same time, have assisted staff and management at these organizations to improve overall job satisfaction and productivity,” said Dave Morton, executive vice president of sales.  

Elcom’s system, called PECOS Purchase to Pay, provides school business officers with benefits including: 

·       Single-instance, multi-organization capabilities that support all district departments.  

·       Ability to integrate with multiple finance systems.

·       A workflow engine that accommodates multiple purchasing processes through a single software product.  

 ·       Total transparency and governance for the entire procurement process.

 ·       Full audit trail for all activities.

 ·       No IT investment or system management costs due to cloud-based delivery.

 ·       Accessibility from most mobile devices.

 ·       Reduction in maverick spending and improved contract compliance http://kamagrastores.net/kamagra-oral-jelly/.

 ·       Improved spending analytics.

In California, Elcom has been working with the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) which implemented PECOS P2P in 2007 in all of its 160 schools.

OUSD was seeking a vendor-hosted, Web-enabled, multi-cataloged e-procurement solution for use by all its schools and departments. Elcom was able to integrate with the schools’ IFAS finance system and provide a flexible and secure requisition approval and receiving process.

Within the first 18 months of the project, OUSD identified savings of $50,000 for each of its schools, which is equivalent to the salary of one teacher per school,” Morton said.

Michael Moore Sr., operations officer at OUSD, says the district is not only benefitting from volume buying discounts but is also saving staff time and is receiving much-needed supplies quickly.

It’s the difference between ‘The Flinstones’ and ‘The Jetsons’,” Moore described. “I’ve eliminated seven to 10 staff touches with Elcom. Now we have people able to order something at 2 a.m. in their pajamas and have it delivered the next day. It allows teachers to teach and principals to worry about something other than dry erase markers and pencils.”

Elcom’s e-procurement solution is offered is free of charge for schools users, with the program being funded by rebates from suppliers.