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Expertise - Overview

Our Expertise

Elcom’s success in delivering advanced eprocurement solutions is based on an understanding of the value that must be delivered to key stakeholders across the procurement lifecycle.  Elcom has worked with hundreds of organizations across the world and we understand that each stakeholder will have different areas of focus and responsibility. With Elcom, value is delivered to key stakeholders across the organization.

Understanding Roles and Requirements within your organization

  • End-users want to be able to shop for goods and services quickly and easily, and take delivery of these goods as soon as possible
  • Procurement professionals are concerned that the contracts in place for goods and services are adhered to and monitored for supplier performance and value for money
  • The CFO is concerned that budgets are set and adhered to and that the integrity of the General Ledger is maintained
  • The CTO is concerned with the operation and security of the network and the systems on it
  • The COO is concerned that the organization's systems and processes work to deliver corporate outcomes


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Cloud-Based eProcurement Provider

Over 120,000 connected suppliers, with more than 140,000 actively managed catalogs

More than 120,000 active buyers across 200+ client organizations

In excess of $15 billion dollars transacted each year


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