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About Us

Elcom’s eProcurement solutions are used in organizations as diverse as schools and universities, medical facilities, emergency services, law enforcement, government administration agencies, and utilities - with all of these organizations sharing content and connections with suppliers through the same solution.

Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) are not new to Elcom, we have been delivering our PECOS procurement solution this way for over a decade. Over 200 clients globally are benefitting from the cost effectiveness and reduction in IT complexity offered by delivery of PECOS in this manner.

Our Mission

To deliver eProcurement solutions which are flexible and easy to use, with proven ability to enable and support efficient procurement activities, and drive savings across a variety of different purchasing profiles and processes.

The eProcurement Challenge 

eProcurement is often sold as a technology which will magically deliver cash savings. You will also hear a lot about “technology led change.”

Elcom takes a different view by delivering “change led technology”, providing the enabling technology that locks your improved business changes into place and makes them sustainable.

Our Approach

Key to delivering efficiencies and savings for our clients is to understand their “Product”, “People” and “Process” goals, and utilize an initial planning assessment and ongoing reviews to ensure delivery of our solution stays focused on delivery of our clients business case.

  • Product goals – the functional aspects that are important to end users, non-functional aspects such as ease of use, and the vision of how the solution may integrate with existing systems and processes
  • People goals – consideration of stakeholders and users that will be involved in the deployment project and ongoing use of the solution. There are many organizational stakeholders involved in procurement, and each of these stakeholders will have different areas of focus and responsibility which must be properly considered when delivering an e-procurement solution
  • Process goals – current processes and desired future processes and outcomes

Elcom works to ensure that buyers, approvers, managers, finance and IT staff are properly enabled and self-sufficient in the use of the solution through comprehensive training and documentation. This assistance extends through to suppliers, recognizing the importance of not only addressing the needs of the buying organization but also delivering benefits for suppliers. Our e-procurement solutions help address the needs of suppliers by proving a flexible set of tools and processes  for both large and small suppliers to interact with buyers.


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